Skylark Galleries Window Feature

It is my turn to have the window display in Skylark Galleries this month, so I am hanging one of the largest paintings I have done to date. The canvas measures 610 x 610mm, which to some artists is not that large, but for me is huge!! The piece is called ‘Seascape in Cerulean Blue’ and is available online for £745, or to collect in person from the gallery for £695. It’s a pale and delicate impression of a beach post storm. It is painted from memory but loosely based on the following calm of a storm that hit Vancouver Island a few years ago while I was staying there. The speed of the wind and the white tips of water are suggested, but as with most of my semi-abstract canvases it is still open to interpretation by the viewer.

If you are interested in ‘Seascape in Cerulean Blue’ please be in touch.


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